10 websites that use minimalism beautifully


These uncluttered online designs prove that less can be more.

‘Less is more’ could be a principle that today’s on-line designers area unit more and more coming back to understand. Artistic movement advantages websites within the form of quicker loading times and higher compatibility between screen sizes. The minimalist philosophy centers on the concept that you simply should style round the content. In internet terms, the designer starts with rough content, then builds merely enough interface for users to spot their goal and navigate thereto simply.


In line with its attribute of accessibility, Uber has created an website dedicated to teaching its customers basic signing, in order that they will move with hearing impaired drivers. the web site may be a masterclass in design with restraint. It shows users the way to sign straightforward common phrases (yes, no, flip left and then on), or maybe their name, through straightforward, short form videos. there’s little copy, or explanation; the content speaks for itself, proving you do not would like clever words to capture a vital whole message.


Evoulve could be a company dedicated to turning rising technologies into viable product. the location design – the work of design agency Fleava – contains a mesmerising, futurist feel. There ar only a few components on screen: straightforward text annotations and extremely least navigation choices, set against the scene of a slowly rotating globe and starlike sky. However, all has been crafted dead, with delicate CSS animations amping up the sense of magic and making a mood of discovery.

Why we Explore

Created by Swiss interaction designer Nicolas Lanthemann, Why we tend to Explore may be a diary regarding area that follows a remarkable format. though the subject is huge, the data is given lots of area to breathe; every new theme being proclaimed because the viewer scrolls horizontally across the page.

04. Tinker


Tinker may be a watch complete with a straightforward concept: customers will opt for the face size, strap color and metal, in any combination. There are not any spare options or description. The UI for the company’s website makes the thought clear; users will simply choose their ideal combination from the restricted choices offered.

iPad mini 4

Apple isn’t any alien to minimal art. The webpage for the iPad mini four uses various literal whitespace to draw attention to the product’s sleek style. The clear high bar, conjointly that includes associate abundance of area, helps the user to navigate.

06. ETQ


The lack of borders round the product footage on footwear complete ETQ’s website frees up tons of house for a a lot of casual visual flow. The corners area unit occupied with the essential interface functions, effort the bulk of the screen for the merchandise.

Leen Heyne

Beside its jewelry, Leen Heyne’s monochrome emblem and name ar the sole vital visual parts on its homepage. the encompassing expanse of whitespace makes it a secure bet the user’s eyes are drawn to the merchandise.

We Ain't Plastic

Contrast is another helpful visual maneuver for keeping minimalist designs attention-grabbing. German wife engineer Roland Lösslein’s web site we tend to Ain’t Plastic sets up a stark distinction in size between the central image and therefore the text and icons higher than.


Italian jewellers Carlo Barberis take advantage of the high-end attributes of minimalism, with little more than a hero image on each screen.

Mikiya Kobayashi

Few nations apprehend art movement higher than the japanese. Product designer Mikiya Kobayashi’s website options solely his brand and a decision to action asking the user to scroll, inserting the main target on the intricacies of the merchandise.

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