5 Principles of Cuteness in Web Design


Okay, however within the euphemism does one create something “cute”? currently maybe you’ve full-grown up in an atmosphere wherever entering into touch together with your feelings was anathema. maybe you only naturally gravitated to scoop Steel over hello Kitty. maybe you’ve never had a haul with any of this, and freely create high-pitched noises whenever there’s a puppy in view (as is appropriate).

Whatever your background, trying to show a web design into “something cute” would require you to undertake and verify specifically what makes a factor cute within the initial place, and that’s wherever it gets difficult. the full idea is of course subjective. It’s a mistily heat and fuzzy feeling that appears directly connected to our impulse to smile, however what brings it on will vary greatly. There ar folks that call insects cute, whereas I may ne’er bring myself to agree.

They’re simply icky, okay?

But no matter you utilize, beauty sells—cue the obligatory joke regarding cat GIFs on the net. At some purpose in our lives, we’ll be known as upon to create one thing cute, as a result of that’s what the consumer desires, and we’ll begin idly speculative if which means creating everything pink.

Don’t try this. browse this instead.

1. Imagery

Using cute imagery is sort of cheating. I mean, you’re simply taking one thing cute, throwing it into your design, and line it daily. but don’t discount the idea; being low cost and simple doesn’t mean that it’s not effective. Some curmudgeons still, human beings are biologically wired to urge hit right within the pleasure centers of our brains once we see human offspring (particularly our own), and different things that share some baby-wise options (ie. puppies, kittens, pandas).

Stock photography is a good begin, however detain mind that illustration is a good thanks to trigger the same responses that wild create folks need to squeeze your web site. If you would like to use original imagination, hiring AN creative person is additionally method easier than obtaining babies or animals to hold still.

Example: Wonderbly uses both photos and illustration.


2. Colors

Imagery is sweet, however what if you wish to introduce that heat and fuzzy feeling into the very DNA of your design, and not simply within the content? this is often wherever we tend to address color. currently repeat when me: Pink isn’t the only cute color.

In fact, “cute” colors are an inspiration which will vary in keeping with individual cultures. For one issue, babies vary in color. the final rule to follow, though, boils all the way down to 3 words: primaries and pastels. Bright primary colors and their softer pastel counterparts dominate the “cute aesthetic” worldwide. If you’re planning one thing cute for (very young) children, use bolder tones. If you’re planning one thing for adults, use the pastels, that are so much easier on the eyes, and tired brains.

Example: Kapu Toys goes hard on the primary colors.


3. the opposite kinds of Cute

So far, I’ve mentioned prettiness in terms of human offspring and related things. Thing is, the word “cute” wasn’t even originally used for babies so much as for keen or sharp-witted people. It evolved over time to be used for attractive young people, so finally for babies and different baby-like things.

Since then, it’s also return to include things that, whereas not baby-related, still turn out a warm and fuzzy quite feeling. Things that turn out feelings of comfort, happiness, and “home” also can be delineated by the word “cute”.

For example: “What a cute tablecloth!” “That’s an lovable rocker.” Cute arrangements of flowers. etc.

Example: Noritake shows how the domestic-cute concept has reached far beyond Western borders.


The additional varieties of beauty transcend the domestic and into the planet of fashion similarly. a certain heat and happiness is found in knowing that you’re wealthy these days, hence the employment of phrases like, “That’s a cute dress!” This use of the word also hearkens back to its use in describing generally attractive individuals.

Example: Bando provides a picture-perfect example of fashion-cute.


4. beauty in the copy

So we’ve mentioned the employment of beauty in imagery, in color, and also the overall feel of a design. so however does one write cute things in your website without—for the love of God—going full “baby talk”? Well it all comes down to the emotions you wish to evoke. cuteness is a term that covers heaps of attainable material, but one primary emotion: heat.

You don’t need to put in writing the word “cute” over and over in a shot to persuade individuals to check your page’s subject your approach. you wish to convey the comfort of a home wherever you’re white-haired, the depth within the round and trusting eyes of a puppy, the clumsy antics of a cat that’s been shocked by one thing, or the sheer joy of sporting an outfit that creates you offer yourself the previous up-and-down look within the mirror.

Concepts like “elegance” are inherently visual, so planning them into a website may be a purely visual exercise. concepts like “cuteness” are much more emotional. although you’ll tune the visual characteristics of around something to create it cute, it’s value basic cognitive process that the emotional aspect of the thought will truly get pretty complicated, and your copy ought to mirror that.

5. cuteness in the details

Keep in mind that you just don’t continually ought to saturate your web site with cute vibes. As several oldsters whose kids love the Minions may tell you, too much “cuteness” will get on the nerves when a minute. for many websites that don’t strictly relate to kids or home decorating, you’ll need to splash some beauty in here and there, while not overwhelming the user.

One of my favorite examples can continually be sites like Zurb. Most of the positioning is fairly corporate-standard, however there’s a touch of beauty in there, with their hidden cows, their project mascots, and entertaining bits of microcopy. It’s a light bit, however it’s enough to create them stand out.


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