Variable Fonts are Now Available in Adobe and Chrome

The idea of variable fonts has been around for a short while. within the future, rather than multiple font versions, line weights and font widths ar purported to be unified in one single font file. With Adobe’s new inventive cloud, and Google’s new Chrome, variable fonts will currently be employed in follow. One Font, Multiple [...]

5 Principles of Cuteness in Web Design

Okay, however within the euphemism does one create something “cute”? currently maybe you’ve full-grown up in an atmosphere wherever entering into touch together with your feelings was anathema. maybe you only naturally gravitated to scoop Steel over hello Kitty. maybe you’ve never had a haul with any of this, and freely create high-pitched noises whenever [...]

10 websites that use minimalism beautifully

These uncluttered online designs prove that less can be more. 'Less is more' could be a principle that today's on-line designers area unit more and more coming back to understand. Artistic movement advantages websites within the form of quicker loading times and higher compatibility between screen sizes. The minimalist philosophy centers on the concept that [...]

5 Trends of Voice UI Design

At its core, the conception of interaction was invariably regarding communication. Human-Computer Interaction has never been regarding graphical user interfaces, that is why Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) square measure the longer term of interface design. An interface is simply a medium individuals use to move with a system—whether it’s a user interface, VUI or one [...]

3 Essential Web Design Trends for 2019

When watching smart good, I typically search for things that aren’t all obvious. There’s an instinct that you just like one thing before you recognize why. That’s the common thread among this month’s 3 essential design trends. From animations that delight and take comes to successive level, to white house that creates a design so [...]

Three Ways to Create Your Own WordPress Theme

It’s common for WordPress users to choose a ready-made theme. however you'll conjointly produce an issue of your own. this text covers numerous ways that to travel regarding this. Options vary from creating edits to associate degree existing theme, to making your own WordPress theme utterly from scratch. In between these extremes ar numerous different [...]